Thursday, April 21, 2022

RM of Cote Ratepayer Survey

The purpose of our open house on March 30 was to talk to our ratepayers about which parts of our transportation network are most important. For example, maintenance of roads, bridges and culverts, etc.

For those who couldn’t come to the open house, we have made a short survey to get your opinion.

The information collected will be used to help the RM Council make future maintenance, repair and budget decisions.

The RM’s main purpose is to provide and maintain a transportation network for all the public to use. This requires a lot of activities that can be divided into 3 sections: Maintenance, Repair and New Infrastructure.


  • Snow plowing in the winter, and grading in the summer
  • Applying gravel in the summer
  • Clearing culverts, channels, ditches and under bridges
  • Equipment upkeep and maintenance


  • Rebuilding roads
  • Replacing riprap at culverts and bridges
  • Bridge repairs
  • Replacing equipment
  • Replacing/Repairing roofing, doors, windows, etc on our buildings

New Infrastructure

  • Equipment/part replacement for graders
  • Buildings for the office, shop, or storage
  • New, stronger roads for larger equipment, with new culverts or bridges
  • New bridges or culverts that are beyond repair

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