Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Cote #271

The Rural Municipality of Cote #271 is located in the southeastern part of Saskatchewan. Covering over 300 sections of land, we spread across prairies and parkland.

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Council & Staff

 Reeve                     Kim Pennell 306-542-7493

Division One         Amanda Burback 306-542-9151

Division Two        Vernon Bowes 306-597-4502

Division Three Craig Salahub 306-542-7446

Division Four Dale Schwartz 306-597-4535

Division Five Glen Becenko 306-542-7647

Division Six Murray Horkoff 306-542-2259

Office Administration Sherry Guenther 306-542-2121

Grader Operators:

Russell Rauckman

Cory Finnie

Other Important Numbers

Pest Control Officer: Garrett Keyowski, 306-782-2683

FIRE Controlled Burn: 1-866-404-4911

Garbage Bin Abuse Hotline 306-542-2121