Welcome to the Rural Municipality of Cote #271

The Rural Municipality of Cote #271 is located in the southeastern part of Saskatchewan. Covering over 300 sections of land, we spread across prairies and parkland.

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Ratepayers Info 2020

 R.M. of Cote No. 271

Ratepayer Information 2020


528 Third Ave. South, Box 669, Kamsack, SK S0A 1S0, office: 306-542-2121, fax: 306-542-2428

e-mail: rm271@sasktel.net

Website: rmofcote271.com

Office Hours:

Office hours are Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. – noon and 1:00 p.m. – 4:00 p.m. Closed Statutory holidays.

Municipal Council:

Reeve: Kim Pennell 306-542-7493

Division 1: Amanda Burback 306-542-9151

Division 2: Vern Bowes 306-597-4502

Division 3: Craig Salahub 306-542-3337

Division 4: Dale Schwartz 306-597-4535

Division 5: Glenn Becenko 306-542-7647

Division 6: Murray Horkoff 306-542-2259


Administrator: Sherry Guenther

Operators: Russell Rauckman and Cory Finnie

Council Meetings:

Council meets the second Wednesday of the month unless otherwise changed at Council’s discretion beginning at 9:00 a.m. If you wish to address Council or attend a regular meeting, Council requires a brief written letter regarding your concern(s) to the office the Friday before the meeting to have your delegation placed on the agenda. (Bylaw No. 3/2016 Council Procedures Bylaw).

2020 Election:

Monday, November 9, 2020 will be Election Day for the following positions on council: Reeve and Councillors for divisions 1, 3 and 5. New for this year is that a public disclosure statement will have to be submitted with nomination papers and an advance poll will be available. If you or someone you know are interested in serving in local government contact the office for further information and watch for advertisements in The Kamsack Times.

Payment of Taxes:

The office will accept payment of taxes by cheque, cash, Telpay or e-Transfer. The office does not have a debit/credit card machine. Remember: payment is received the day we get the cheque not the date the cheque is dated or envelope is postmarked. You can always mail a post-dated cheque early and it will be processed on the date.


Every landowner in the R.M. this year received a letter from SAMA (Saskatchewan Assessment Management Agency) informing you that there will be a re-inspection program this year. The R.M. has not been inspected since the early to mid 1980’s. 2021 is also revaluation year so we coincided the two into one year for ease and understanding.

Pest Control Services:

The R.M. participates in the Provincial Rat Eradication Program. The RM provides free rat control products through our PCO, Garrett Keyowski (306) 782-2683. Call Garrett if you have issues with the rodent and require product. The office also has pest control products for sale (mice, rats, gophers). These items are sold to our ratepayers at cost.

Speed Limit:

The speed limit on grid roads is 80 km’s. A number of complaints have come into the office regarding vehicles that are speeding past residences and on the roads in general. The roads are also used by pedestrians and cyclists. Council is considering implementing a bylaw to lower the speed limit within the municipality.

Controlled Burns:

Call 1-866-404-4911 if you plan to burn in the R.M. and be prepared with fire guards in place. The number is answered 24/7, 365 days. Be ready to answer the following questions:

§ What is your land location? – What is your R.M. number?

§ Who is the fire service provider? – What are your location details?

§ What are you burning? – How long will you be burning?

§ Your name and phone number?

§ You will be asked to call back once the burn has been completed.

R.M. of Cote’s Runnymede Transfer Station Site:

Open the third Saturday of each month from 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m. From the May long weekend to October long weekend the site will be open the first and third Saturday of each month.

Location: PT SE 12-29-31 W1. One mile north through Runnymede. The transfer station was inspected in October 2018 by the Ministry of Environment. NO painted, treated or stained wood. NO shingles are to be left at the transfer station.

Section 10 (1)(a)(b) of The Municipal Refuse Management Regulations states that no person shall dispose of: automobiles or other large metal objects; pesticides and other hazardous wastes, or any material or thing treated with any of those substances, including the receptacles containing them.

NO GRAIN BAGS AND TWINE IN THE BINS!!! The twine get tangled in the compactor and loader. Contact Dallon Leger at 306-562-8112 for more information or check out Cleanfarms website.

For agriculture plastics such as pesticide containers and fertilizer bags check out Cleanfarms website for more information and collection sites.

The City of Yorkton Landfill is accepting clean, rolled grain bags free of charge. Please contact them ahead of time for guidelines and hours. Silage bags are not accepted. Call 306-828-2470.

Conservation Officers are empowered to investigate and lay charges for littering when appropriate. CO’s along with environmental protection officers will also investigate illegal landfill dumping sites. To report call 1-800-667-7561

The R.M. has recycle bins at the R.M. shop in Kamsack and one at Runnymede. Please make sure ALL lids on ALL bins are closed.

Green Center:

Is a family owned recycle facility located at the front of the City of Yorkton landfill. This facility offers a lower price rate for the dumping of used concrete, wood, asphalt and asphalt shingles into landfills. Contact their office at 306-620-8338 or grgreencenter@gmail.com for further information, rates and hours of operation.

Parkland Regional Waste Management Authority Regional Landfill:

The PRWMA owns and operates a regional landfill located approximately 12 km’s west of Preeceville. Contact the R.M. office for hours and further information.

Garbage Bins:

Report garbage bin abuse to the R.M. office. Failure to maintain these bin sites, will force the R.M. to seek alternative operation procedures for garbage collections. NOTE that the bins are for household garbage only!! When other items are thrown in it fills up the bins and causes a mess before the truck comes back to the area to empty them.

There were issues this spring again with bins overflowing with garbage. Remember that when spring road bans are on the truck does not come to some divisions for pick up. If you find the bins full please take the garbage home and bring it back once the bins have been emptied. The garbage bins are emptied every two weeks when roads bans are not in place.

Council has replaced a number of the plastic lids with metal ones and understands the concerns about the metal lids being too heavy to lift for you, the ratepayers. We apologize for the inconvenience but the pesky bears have destroyed some plastic lids and the only way to try to keep them out and to keep the fields garbage free is to opt for the metal lids. Please do not leave trash outside of bins. Due to the bear population they can leave a huge mess in your R.M. spreading your garbage around. Let’s all work together to keep the municipality clean and safe!!

Visit: saskwastereduction.ca for information on recycling, reducing waste and other great information. Click on the “recycle” tab for info in your area. You may need to expand your search to larger communities.

Spraying of Municipal Road Allowances:

Concerns are being brought to the office and to council members about the seeding and spraying of R.M. ditches.

Section 12(1) of The Municipalities Act states:” a municipality has the direction, control and management of all streets within the municipality and all roads, other than provincial highways, within the municipality.”

Landowners do not own the ditches, therefore no seeding and definitely no spraying. Spraying of the ditches is only adding more weeds to the area.

Bylaw No. 2/2011 was amended by Bylaw No. 7/2013 and states: “No person shall spray, treat or seed any road allowance with any chemical, herbicide, seed, or other substance that may alter/effect the said road allowance without the written permission of council. If a designated officer finds that a person has contravened this section of the bylaw a voluntary payment amount may, by written order require the person to remedy the contravention. The voluntary payment amount is $500.00 plus $1 per linear foot of area affected.

The spraying of ditches also undermines the roads when there is no grass holding it together.

Defacing of municipal signs:

The defacing and/or theft of traffic and road signs in the municipality is only costing the ratepayers and may cause harm or injury to the public. Please report any signs down or missing to the office.


Drainage is not a landowner’s right!!! New drainage works now require approval from the Water Security Agency before the work is implemented. Contact the WSA before any work is done.

2020 Mill Rate:

The mill rate for 2020 has remained unchanged at 8.3 from 2019.

2020 Municipal Budget:

Over the years the R.M. office hears this question: “Where do my tax dollars go?”

Main revenue sources for the rural municipality comes from the general municipal levy and revenue sharing from the Government of Saskatchewan. Other sources are from custom work, fees and charges, grant-in-lieu’s, interest revenue, grants/funding applied for, etc.

It is understandable that individuals do not “see where there tax dollars go” so here is a brief breakdown of some of the bigger expenses of the municipality and what was approximately budgeted for 2020:

Gravel: gravel, royalties, pit stripping $222,000

Police requisition $26,000

Eaglestone Lodge Capital Contribution $5,000

Assiniboine Valley Health & Wellness Foundation $5,480

Library requisition $7,370

Fire agreement with the Town of Kamsack $21,750

Culvert work for six divisions $36,000

Bush/Patchwork for six divisions $30,000

Insurance/benefits $24,000

Amortization $100,000

SAMA $12,000

Wages: employees/council indemnities $280,000

Transfer to reserves for asset management $45,000

Utilities: office, shop, Hamlet of Runnymede $19,000

Oil and Gas $40,000

PRWMA (garbage) $40,000

Mowing contract $50,000

2019 financial statements are available at the R.M. office.

Tax Arrears:

Municipal arrears as of June 30, 2020 (before 2020 tax notices were sent) are: $25,703.02.